Linvest Research offers the latest mid- and long-term trading ideas
by providing real-time opinions and perspectives on stock price
movement and market behavior throughout the day. We use the
technical analysis of price movement to create long or short price
targets, update holding periods, and develop exit strategies.


About Lin Yingjun

Our founder Lin Yingjun   has decades experience in forex, commodities,stocks, options and ETFs in North American and International Markets.

Between 1990-2001, she was the Executive Secretary to the General Manager of the Provincial Trust and Invest Co. Ltd of ICBC (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China), where she coordinated ICBCs' securities and foreign currencies exchange business
applications. In her position, she helped the company successfully obtain licenses from the State Administration of Foreign Exchange.

 Additionally, she proposed and executed the buy back of bonds for maximum profitability.



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Linvest Research is pleased to offer informational and educational packages towards helping you estimate and anticipate market dynamics so that you are better-equipped to take advantage of trends to your benefit!

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Our no-nonsense approach makes trading simpler
and easier. We believe that we are students of the Market.
We don’t  fight trends, but emphasize learning from our
mistakes in  order to mitigate losses and encourage profits.
We strive to provide you with the most objective, value-
neutral, stock performance research available as we
are not beholden to any sponsors or advertisers.
Finally, we emphasize a personal approach to trade
analysis as a matter of  forging fruitful, life-long
relationships with customers. 

After all, your success is  central to ours!



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